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Auto Electronics

Plastic components for Auto elctronic device

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Auto Electronics Mold making & Molding service


Plastic components for Auto AC system

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Tank Mold making & Molding service


Interior plastic components and cosmetic parts

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Interior Mold making & Molding service

FAQ’S & News

  • What kind of mold did you make?

    Sositar Mould special in plastic injection mold for Automotive over 15 years. The biggest mold we made is 1.5mm in length.

  • Did you export molds to US or European?

    We are familiar with Hasco and DME standard, it make sure the molds we made have the same standard and quality lever as you made in US or European, but the cost is half less.

  • What is your capacity in one Month?

    Our capacity in house is about 40 sets of mold per month, that means if your project less than 40 molds, we can take them as a package and make the whole project for you, it benifit the communication and understanding between us.

  • How is your Price?

    We are real manufacturer and marketing only by internet (save marketing cost and commission for sales), so the sales manager you contact is also in charge of project management.our systerm will react more quickly and save 30% cost compare to competitor or traders.

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