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Plastic Injection Molding

We had helped 236 customers from 31 countries for custom plastic mold parts!

One Stop Plastic Injection Mold & Molding Manufacturing Service

We are the leading Chinese injection mold maker which provides high-quality custom mold manufacturing and precision plastic injection molding service.

Our attractive price, professional service, excellent communication skill and full-time support from our own factory will guarantee you a happy deal.

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Custom Mold Manufacturing

We build plastic injection molds from CAD, prints, or samples for various customers from all over the world. if you just want to order the molds in China, we can customize the molds as your machine's spec and ship them to you!

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Plastic Molding Production

We have our own plastic injection molding shop. Our shop is equipped with 20 injection molding machines, ranging from 50 to 650 tons. Our part weights range from 0.5 Grams to 2 Kilograms

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Plastic Injection Molding Process

Plastic injection molding, aka injection molding, is the primary molding method for thermoplastic materials.

Why Choose Us?

1. We provide original factory price,our price is about 20% cheaper than competitor 

There are more than 10000 trading companies in China, but Some of them concealed their identity very well. Many times foreign companies are dealing with a broker and didn't know who build their molds indeed. Actually, the broker charges a large profit percentage of the tooling shop’s price.Moreover,After sales service will be a problem if the traders go bankrupt.If you choose us as your partner, you can save more cost in injection molding and tooling, because we build the molds in-house and provide them directly to our customers.

2. We are more trustworthy and have rich experience in the western market

Our company already made plastic injection molds and provided molding production service for the overseas market over 15 years, have more than 200 customers all over the world.You can ask for some customer references in your country before you decide to work with us. We will provide our customer's contacts under their permission.

3. Our sales manager are rich-experience in mold engineering and have good communication skill in English

Most mold companies in China hire sales girls to contact the customer, they may have good English skill but lack of mold engineering experience, They will simply forward customer communications on to engineers, but will get a good commission (3-15% of the mold price, of course, the cost will be paid by customers).Our Sales managers assigned to your project will handle both the sales manager and project manager jobs. This is to make sure our high level of service is maintained through the whole process and communication is most efficient.

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Two color molding and overmolding

I. Advantages of Two-Color Molding: Two-color molding may also be referred to as 2-shot molding, bi-injection molding, co-injection molding, or multi-shot injection molding, which produces a part with two different colors and/or materials in a single operation. A two-color mold is able to combine two resins with different characteristics and colors into a single two-color …

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Burrs and flashes-injection molding defects and solutions

Burrs and flashes mostly occur on contact surfaces – when the melt flows through the space between the core and the cavity, the sliding part of the slider, as well as the clearance of the insert and the ejector pin, etc., excessive flashing or burrs are formed on the molded product. Such flashing or burrs …

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Silver Streaks – Defect Analysis & Troubleshooting

What are silver streaks? Silver marks / silver streaks are splatter marks on product surface which are caused by the volatilization of air and moisture contained in the plastic material, or the decomposition and burning of mixed dissimilar plastics. Usually, they radiate outward in a fan-shaped manner from the gate location. Many plastic materials absorb …

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