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We have more than 15 years experience focused on plastic injection mold manufacturing and injection molding service for customer around the world!

plastic injection molding

About Our Company

Our Vision

We are a injection mould company that offers a one-stop solution for customized mold and plastic parts production, Sositar constantly is using web based tools to reduce the cost of marketing and management. This also improve our efficiency of mold building, molding and customer communication. We aim to become the best platform where our engineers appreciate their value, and customer get best product and service for a solid value in price!

plastic injection mold

Our advantage!


We will keep all business secrets for our customer.Never disclousure any information to irrelevant persons !


All members in our team will work together to face the chanlleges and solve the issues at work.


All the cooperation are base on mutual trust.We only do what are best for our customers!

plastic injection mold
Our Values

We have always been insistent that employees are the basis to ensure high quality products and we emphasize the development of both employees and company. We employ many experienced mold makers, actively manage our talented and professional mould making engineers.

Equipment in Sositar are mainly imported from Switzerland and Taiwan. They are 21 Milling Machines (17 imported, and 4 domestically made), 6 CNC machines, 11 Charmilles EDM machines, 10 Grinding machines, 4 Lathes, 7 Wire Cutting Machines,10 Injection Machines ,CMM, a Video Measurement System, a Slow-Feeding Linear Cutting Machine and various auxillery equipment.


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