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Mold design:

The high quality mold is the core business of Sositar .we have 10 special mold designers, who have rich experience in plastic properties and mold structure. And they will take each case seriously ,before designing start, our designer will run Mold Flow Analysis and attend a technical meet for each mold with tool shop and injection Dept. to avoid potential manufacture problem and trouble shoot. all of this is the strong guarantee of our high quality and short lead time


We provide a wide range of services to help clients with all of the front-end work that goes into a product before actual production begins. Some of those services include preliminary design, material selection, pricing, mold design, evaluation and procurement, CAD/CAM, surface modeling, and communication with the customer’s engineering department. For each part we manufacture we will do the DFM study and mold flow analysis which will improve and support the mold structure design. We bring you a combination of the best resources available; high technology equipment, quality workmanship, and program management and product development techniques that are flexible enough to meet the needs of your special requirements that can assist the molder or worker and save time and cost

Project Management:

Project management is the key to the success and quality of the products A Project Engineer who has rich knowledge in tooling and injection molding is appointed for each project. All of them have a good command of English. The project engineers will be responsible to follow up tooling schedule and timely report to the customer on any issues and progress of the project he is handling. The project engineer also guarantees that customer’s technical requirement is followed.

Project Management Objectives

– On Time Delivery – Assuring customer’s project is produced to customer’s standards and requests – Anything communicated in a timely and clear way – Complete project management and support from concept to final part inspection and approval.


Mold Steel: ASSAB(Sweden), DAIDO(Japan),FINKL(America),AUBERT u0026amp; DUVAL(France), Thyssen(Germany), LKM (China) Mold Base: EMP,DME, HASCO, FUTABA, LKM. Hot Runner: MOULD MASTER, SYNVENTIVE, HASCO, DME, YUDO, INCOE Standard Parts: DME, HASCO, LKM,HEB,STRACK,OPITZ Texture: VDI 3400,Mold-tech, Yick Sang, Tanazawa etc


Our engineer mainly used the following software: Pro/ENGINEER SolidWorks AutoCAD MoldFlow MasterCAM Unigraphics CimatronNC Surfcam CATIA

Our service include :

Industrial Design Appearance Design Structure Design Mold Design (2D u0026amp; 3D) DFM (Design for Manufacturability) Mold Flow Analysis logos


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CNC machines   CNC machines:5 sets CMM1   CMM:  1 set injection machines   Injection machine: 18 sets


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Mirror-EDM   Mirror EDM machines :4 sets   Slow-wire-cut   Slow Wire Cut :  2 sets


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At Sositar the quality process starts at the very beginning of each project. We are certified by and committed to the comprehensive ISO9001 quality standard. We demonstrate this commitment by providing high quality tooling, designed and manufactured so that our clients receive the greatest value. We define quality as total customer satisfaction. This drives us to settle for nothing less than excellence in all aspects of our business as we continuously improve our strong compliment of staff and processes.


  1. Mould Design Control.
  2. Mould Steel Hardness Inspection.
  3. Mould Electrodes Inspection.
  4. Mould Core and Cavity Steel Dimension Inspection.
  5. Mould Pre-Assembly Inspection.
  6. Mould Trial Report and Samples Inspection.
  7. Mould Pre-Shipment Final Inspection.
  8. Export Mould Package Inspection.



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