Mold Terminology

Two color molding and overmolding

I. Advantages of Two-Color Molding: Two-color molding may also be referred to as 2-shot molding, bi-injection molding, co-injection molding, or multi-shot injection molding, which produces a part with two different colors and/or materials in a single operation. A two-color mold is able to combine two resins with different characteristics and colors into a single two-color …

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Silver Streaks – Defect Analysis & Troubleshooting

What are silver streaks? Silver marks / silver streaks are splatter marks on product surface which are caused by the volatilization of air and moisture contained in the plastic material, or the decomposition and burning of mixed dissimilar plastics. Usually, they radiate outward in a fan-shaped manner from the gate location. Many plastic materials absorb …

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Wall Thickness Design of plastic injection molded products

The wall thickness of a plastic injection molded product greatly influences its quality. If the wall thickness is too small, it will be difficult to meet the requirements for strength and rigidity, and fill the cavity for large and complex products; if the thickness is too large, it not only wastes the raw material, but …

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Surface finish (polishing and texture)

Common Surface Finishes for Plastic Injection Molds include Polishing ,Thin Fire Texture ,Texture,Plating,sand blasting 1.Polishing The method to remove the convex part and machining marks on the steel surface, to obtain a smooth polishing effect, mainly realized by cutting. Whetstone, wool wheel and sandpaper, etc., are usually used mainly by manual operation.there are a popular …

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How the slide work in plastic injection mold? In a plastic injection mold, the mold opening action is leveraged to create a relative movement trend between the angle pin and the slide, so that the slide moves in two directions – the mold opening direction and the horizontal direction – to release it from the …

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Guiding system

What are the guiding and positioning mechanisms of an injection mold? Collectively speaking, the mold guiding mechanism is the component of an injection mold that aims to ensure the smooth movement and accurate reset of each moving part during mold opening and closing, so that they are not misaligned and deformed under the action of …

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